Product Safety

Stainless steel is widely used for many applications, such as medical devices, as well as equipment and tools in the food industry. Some stainless-steel grades are confirmed that are suitable as a food contact material. Therefore, the aspects that affect health and safety are very important for OTELINOX. It is not only the manufacturing process of stainless-steel, but also when our customers process the material, when the stainless-steel product is used for many applications. 

OTELINOX’s processes stainless steel grades that are standardized and proven to be safe for their recommended use. Our products are tested and verified in our own laboratory, equipped with instruments for determination of chemical composition with optical emission spectrometer, mechanical characteristics (tensile, hardness, bend, roughness, reflectivity, deep drawing, penetration), inter-granular corrosion, Metallographic analyses with optical microscopes, as well as in third party laboratories.

The Safety Data sheet contains information on substances contained in our final products and precautions for safety measures when handling stainless steel. According with REACH Regulations, safety information is provided to enable the safe use and disposal of the goods, and it also contain detailed information on the chemical and technical properties of individual types of stainless steel.


OTELINOX processed products delivered to our customer are not radioactive contaminated and they not contain in their composition Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Gold (Au) or Tungsten (W). See here the full declaration.

Therefore, OTELINOX undertakes all efforts in order to ensure that its products are in full compliance with:


Strategy and Framework

OTELINOX’s outlook for the sustainability agenda in the next period is complex. OTELINOX is focused on addressing all ESG pillars (Environmental, Social and Governance), embedding a dedicated sustainable strategy at the level of its business.

As an example, OTELINOX is using electricity with Guaranties of Origin from green sources, and, at the same time, undertakes its best efforts to reduce the consumptions of energy.

We pay the same respect to the environment and to the workers’ health and safety. Our Company has always taken on a variety of safety-related initiatives, particularly regarding the accident prevention and the improvement of working conditions.

In terms of business conduct, OTELINOX develops and maintains awareness related to anti-corruption or anti-bribery, as well as ethics and compliance, implementing the necessary instruments in order to ensure alignment with the regulatory framework and best practices.


Long-Term Roadmap

OTELINOX works in a sector that uses a lot of resources and energy. We continuously search for ways to enhance our efficiency and minimize our negative environmental effects. Our expanded environmental efficiency is the result of years of work and continuous development, by establishing completely new methods of operating in a more environmentally efficient way, as well as refining already existing processes.



  • Non-financial declaration 2022


Corporate Social Responsibility

As good citizens, companies must get involved in community issues and be sensitive to social needs.

For many years, OTELINOX has attached importance to this aspect, both in terms of protecting the environment, as well as increasing the quality of life of the local community, and getting involved in social responsibility projects.

Since March 2011, social responsibility has been assumed and recognized as a management practice through the OTELINOX Code of Conduct – the values and principles of business ethics.

Social responsibility is part of our company’s development strategy and we count, as before, on the voluntary desire of employees to get actively involved in such projects. CSR is a good form of communication between the company and the environment of which it is a part and, why not, a CSR action can easily turn into a team building for the team of volunteers involved.